Folded Team Merchandise

If you played on, worked for, coached, managed, were an fan of or otherwise helped out with any independent professional baseball team (since 1993) you know that the majority of the roughly-300 teams that played at least one game have folded.  With the passage of time, you may look back on your time at those games and wish to recapture a few of those memories.

One day to do so is to get merchandise and memorabilia of those teams.  This page offers you two ways to do so:

1)  Find actual items that were around back then and purchase them.  You can do so via eBay by clicking this link to start your search by the folded (defunct) independent league:

2)  Another way is to buy non-official apparel, but in today’s styles.  For example if you played in the mid-1990’s, the team may not have even had embroidered jackets.  If you like that look and want to wear one today, but with your favorite defunct independent team’s name on it then click this link to get started:

From there, start your search by the U.S. state.  Not all of the folded independent baseball teams are represented, but a good percentage of the non-existent teams should be available through that link.

Again, the items for sale are NOT official team-issued pieces of merchandise and do not have the original logos.  They simply have their own designs, but mention the team names.

If you want merchandise which was officially produced, with or without the logo, then start your search by clicking the first link to see what is available.

Items available include:

  • t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, jackets, sweaters, outerwear, and other clothing
  • hats (again, not the official team logo caps) — fitted, snap back, visors, etc.
  • backpacks, bags, blankets, towels and more
  • decals and stickers for phones and more


If you want current official team merchandise then start your search here:

Listed are the links to each current independent team and league website.  You then can find specific merchandise and memorabilia available through the team you like.

Thank you and please share this page with friends, family, fans and others whom you think would enjoy purchasing items related to the folded (defunct) professional independent baseball teams and other defunct (folded) teams from other professional sports leagues.