Independent Minor League Baseball Tryouts And Developmental Leagues

If you are an aspiring professional baseball player then you likely want to discover opportunities for the following:

  • When there are tryouts for independent professional baseball teams and leagues
  • Any third-party open tryouts and camps which have a history of placing players in established independent leagues or international professional baseball teams and leagues
  • Fall, winter or spring professional development (instructional) leagues which give you exposure to actual professional baseball managers, coaching staff members, GM’s and scouts
  • Tryout opportunities with the Major League Scouting Bureau or specific MLB team tryouts


If so, you are welcome to subscribe to the the notification service which has consistently provided updated information to players and their family members since 2009:


You also will receive MP3 files of interviews with longtime independent pro baseball veterans (in different capacities) to help you increase the odds of making a team AND staying in pro baseball for a long time.  This notification service is open to those without any previous professional baseball experience as well as those who have previous affiliated (MLB and MiLB), independent professional and international professional baseball experience.